Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Try an Informational Interview When Deciding on a New Career

Informational Interview

Take a closer look at your new would-be field with an informational interview.

If you’re starting over, and thinking about diving into a new career. Take a closer look at your new would-be field.

Sprott Shaw Community College has been training students for new (or new-to-them) career paths since 1903. In a recent blog posting, they recommended using an informal interview to test the waters.

“The purpose of an informational interview is to find out information about a career from someone who has knowledge about and experience in a particular field. This can help you decide if you want to pursue a career in this field or switch your attention to something else,” said the blog.

After you pick a field you’re interested in, they recommend you do some research and find someone who can tell you more.

“Find out if anyone you already know, such as family, friends or teachers know anyone in the field you are interested in. Call people in roles of interest that you find in the newspaper, online, business magazines or through a friend.”

After you set up a meeting, they advise you to be as professional as you can during you’re informational interview. They recommend you wear interview attire, prepare your questions beforehand, and always be on time.

They also advise you to avoid doing things like asking for a job, talking about yourself too much, or emailing or contacting them too frequently.

Schools mentioned: Sprott Shaw Community College

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