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How To Become A Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts – Baking & Pastry Arts Program

Pastry chefs are responsible for the design, creation, and preparation of desserts in restaurants, bakeries, and other places where desserts are served. Pastry chefs are also called bakers.

Though only covering a small portion of the restaurant’s menu, pastry chefs are one of the few positions in the culinary industry requiring higher education.

Your day-to-day tasks will include:

  • Preparing and producing baked goods
  • Decorating and plating pastries and desserts
  • Creating new recipes and menu items
  • Cleaning supplies and maintaining your work area
  • Keeping food service sanitation guidelines

What Do I Need To Start With:

A high school diploma and willingness to learn are all that is necessary to be a pastry chef. No cooking or baking skills are required, though a steady hand and inclination for art and presentation may be helpful.

What Will I Study:

You can study pastry arts at schools such as:

What Else Do I Need:

Pastry chefs must be certified at the provincial level. The Red Seal Exam is the widely accepted standard, and those who pass the exam can work in all provinces that approve the trade exam. Extensive experience and training may allow you to challenge the exam, and thus obtain a Red Seal without sitting for the exam.

An apprenticeship of 5,000-7,000 hours may be required by your province before certification is obtained (apprenticeships are often paid). Individual provinces determine the necessary requirements to prepare for an exam or certification.

Where The Jobs Are:

You may pursue self-employment. There are also jobs in grocery stores, bakeries, catering companies, restaurants, cruise ships, and hotels.

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