Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

The University of Toronto Launches $2-Billion Fundraising Campaign

The University of Toronto has started a new fundraising campaign with historic goals in sight. The campaign will be call Boundless and seeks to expand U of T’s talent, ideas and solutions.

“Canada must have universities that can achieve two related goals: conduct the advanced research that will help solve the grand challenges humanity now faces, and offer the best and brightest students an exceptional education to help them build a better world,” said U of T President, David Naylor.

“No university in Canada is better positioned to meet those objectives than the University of Toronto.”

The campaign will have two main components. The first phase is called “Preparing global citizens” and seeks to “foster international fluency and leadership skills among the University’s almost 80,000 undergraduate and graduate students,” according to a media release from the school.

The second phase, called “Meeting global challenges,” will seek to “support the University’s world-class minds, attract a new generation of ‘rising star’ faculty and make critical enhancements to programs and infrastructure.”

The school’s previous massive fundraising effort wrapped up in 2003, and raised over a billion dollars for the university.

“We will look to our global network of friends and alumni – who now number more than 500,000 across 174 countries – to join us in this exciting campaign. With their generosity and involvement, we will work together on fundamental questions that will shape the course of human knowledge and experience and prepare our students for leadership in an increasingly borderless world,” said the Hon. David R. Peterson, Chancellor of U of T.

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Ryan Leclaire
Author: Ryan Leclaire
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