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How To Become a Travel Agent

Travel Agent

There are a number of schools that help you get trained in Travel and Tourism.

Travel agents can also be known as travel agency sales consultants. Their aim is to advise customers on business and travel leisure, while selling holidays. They can work for a chain of travel agents or they may work in a call centre.

Your day-to-day tasks will include:

  • Helping and advising customers on holidays suitable for them
  • Planning both leisure and business trips
  • Checking the availability of holidays and hotels
  • Making bookings, generally done using a computer system
  • Collecting payments and deposits from customers
  • Contacting customers about tickets or complaints
  • Informing and checking flight status, telling customers if there has been a cancelation.

What do I need to start with:

Generally there are no specific entry requirements to become a travel agent. Of course, it could be helpful to have a good knowledge of countries and their climates at different times of the year. Employers will generally look for you to have good customer service skills and be very enthusiastic. Being good with a computer is also very helpful, as you will be using one to confirm and organize bookings.

What will I study:

There are a number of schools that help you get trained in Travel and Tourism.

These schools include:

What else do I need:

It is always good to make sure you are outgoing. A lot of people will be coming in and out of your office, or dialling into your call centre. You need to make sure you have good manners and can make suitable suggestions to people with your professional opinion.

Where are the jobs:

There are two main options. The first is working face-to face with customers in an agency setting. The second option is working in a call centre on behalf of an agency or website.

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