Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Queen’s University Campus Bookstore Has an App to Buy Used Textbooks

Queens University Campus Bookstore

The Queens University Campus Bookstore now has an app.

Want to know how much that textbook will be worth used? There’s an app for that. Queen’s University Mobile BuyBack helps you use your smartphone to look up prices on used textbooks.

“The Campus Bookstore at Queen’s University is pleased to announce the release of our Mobile BuyBack App! This application is the first of its kind that allows students at Queen’s University to check buyback prices of their used textbooks on the mobile smartphones,” said the a school official on their website.

CutCom Software Inc. developed the App, which uses a data phone’s camera functions to scan the barcode of a given book. A student then uses the barcode to look up how much this book will be worth used, when the time comes to buy or sell it. This saves them having to key in the long, 13-digit ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

Because it’s reliant on the camera to capture the barcode, BuyBack will not work on the iPad or mobile phones or tablets without advanced cameras.

Search for “Sell books” to get the app from your iPhone, or go to the iTunes website. Search for “Sell your books” on your Android, or visit the Android Market website.

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