Friday, April 29th, 2011

Concordia University Combines Dance with Teaching to Connect with Students

Concordia University

Faculty members transferred balls from person to person. | Photo by Concordia University

Some Concordia University teachers have learned a new way to move in the classroom.

Ten faculty members recently learned creative teaching methods at a workshop organized by the Centre for Teaching and Learning Services and the Office of Vice-Provost Teaching and Learning.

The goal was to teach them how to use their bodies, their intuition and their accumulated knowledge in the classroom. They went through exercises such as determining the size of a room without traditional measuring tools.

“We wanted the professors to start using their bodies and their intuition to solve problems,” said Silvy Panet-Raymond, professor in Contemporary Dance.

“They were able to creatively use knowledge they’d acquired elsewhere to address the problem. Participants realized that they don’t just bring their teaching knowledge into the classroom, they bring the accumulated experience of a lifetime.”

In another exercise, the story of Beethoven’s childhood was retold and developed from one person to another, sitting in a circle.

“As soon as the person hesitated or lost the thread, the next person picked up any aspect of the story,” said Panet-Raymond.

“You really begin to see how much of an impact interpretation has on transmitting information from one person to another.”

The event brought together staff from all four faculties and departments, ranging from Industrial Engineering and Finance to Visual Art.

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