Monday, April 25th, 2011

Alberta’s Olds College Prepares For Canada’s Carpentry Shortage

Canada's Carpentry Shortage

Olds College is currently training carpenters for a looming hiring boom.

As Canada’s skilled trades workers grow older, retirees will soon leave a gap for younger workers to fill – and carpentry is certainly no exception. Olds College is currently training the next generation of carpenters for a looming hiring boom.

“It was a mere two years ago that there was a shortage of skilled help across the province,” said Dan Daley, Chair of Olds College’s School of Trades and Career Studies. “This is the time to prepare for the boom times forecasted for the years ahead.”

Aside from offering apprenticeship studies in carpentry, the Alberta-based school also trains students with apprenticeships in agricultural equipment tech, heavy equipment tech and welding.

In 2007, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRDC) reported that Canada was facing labour shortages in several areas that would soon offer employment opportunities and wages that were increasing substantially faster than other occupations.

This would soon be especially prevalent in areas such as the oil and gas sector, home builders and renovators, and residential construction.

The number of people over the age of 65 is forecast to jump from 13.4% in 2007 to 26.3% by 2075, according to the government’s chief actuary.

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