Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Ashton College Offers Home Inspection Program

Home Inspection Program

Lower interest rates in recent years have made home inspectors in high demand.

With lower interest rates in recent years, we’re seeing a higher demand for home inspectors.

Home inspectors are tasked with evaluating a house’s overall condition to protect a would-be homeowner’s investment, and Ashton College is now offering certification.

Their home inspector program gives you training and certification in evaluating and reporting on the physical conditions of a building’s structure, roof, exterior, plumbing, heating, cooling, insulation and interiors.

In 2009, British Columbia became the first province to require that home and building inspectors are certified and hold a license. Elsewhere, the other provinces don’t have steadfast certification rules. However, The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) recommends that you have a high school diploma or experience in construction, renovations, carpentry or plumbing.

Some post-secondary training or experience in architectural technology, construction engineering technology, or building systems technology would serve you well.

In B.C., home inspectors are licensed by the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority (BPCPA) of British Columbia. Once you’re certified, you’re required to keep your skills current each year by completing a minimum of 20 hours of training in technical workshops, or ethics or business courses.

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  1. Ashton College Says:

    Update: Ashton College is now offering this program as online courses – still fully accredited by CAPHI (BC).

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