Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Algonquin College Fills in Students’ Gap Years

Travel the World

Most students want to use a gap year to travel or see the world.

If you take a gap year, you don’t necessarily have to have a gap on your resume.

High school graduates who are unsure of their next step can now take Algonquin College’s Global Studies (GAP Year) program to figure it out. The idea is that instead of taking an entire year off and “wasting it,” use the time to gather new skills and experiences.

Most students want to use a gap year to travel or see the world. Algonquin College is mindful of that, which is why the program features a community-service trip to Kenya. They will also take part in 15 courses (two that count as credit at The University of Ottawa) as well as a canoe trip in both summer and winter months.

The program will be offered this fall and takes place over 26 weeks of study. Students will take part in courses such as public speaking, psychology, strategies for post-secondary success, wilderness travel and basic first aid, as well as multimedia applications.

“It’s like a buffet that’s structured to give students a broad range of exposure,” said Jackie Oncescu, the co-ordinator of the new program, in a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen. “Now that there’s no Grade 13, students are 17 when they’re graduating. How do you know what you want to do when you’re 17? The tag line for this program is ‘I’ve found me.’ ”

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Ryan Leclaire
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