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Canada’s Coldest Campus

Canada's Coldest Campus

The coldest Canadian city during our winter months is Winnipeg, Manitoba.

If you go to school in Canada, you just accept winter. You’re just accustomed to allowing for more time in the mornings for a longer walk, or to de-ice your car.

But how cold is your campus, even compared to other Canadian Schools?

According to the data from the 2006 Statistics Canada census, the coldest major city during our winter months is Winnipeg, Manitoba. This puts students at The University Of Winnipeg, Red River College, and Winnipeg Technical College on the coldest campuses in Canada, with an average winter temperature of -15.3 °C.

Winnipeg also sees the lowest highs and highest lows each day, with an average high of -10.3°C and an average low of -20.2°C

The next coldest campuses are in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with an average winter temperature of -14.8 °C. This makes the student body of Saskatoon Business College, St. Thomas More College, and The Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies the second coldest students in Canada.

Saguenay, Quebec is Canada’s 3rd coldest major city. Students at Cégep de Chicoutimi see an average daily temperature of -13.9 °C.

How cold is your campus? Let us know in the comments!

Ryan Leclaire
Author: Ryan Leclaire
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    Umm… Saskatoon is not in Alberta.. it is in Saskatchewan

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